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Parking management involves the control of parking. It have three main goals, according to the situation and place.
  1. Using the existing road capacity is optimized by reducing the barrier movement.
  2. Parking demand efficiently.
  3. Restrict private vehicle travel demand, especially in the areas experiencing traffic congestion.
Parking controls should be selected accordingly situation and the place. Parking management can be divided into two, that is roadside  parking control and off-road parking.

Roadside  Parking Control 

1. Receipt System
  • Car park management  by receipt system widely used in Malaysia, particularly in the 1970s
  • It is usually used in the places visited by the public as the central shop or office. 
  • This receipt system method is the only way to ensure that short-term Parkers had chance enough to use the parking spaces on the roadside because have a maximum time limt to park a car can be set.
  • This method is suitable for use in areas that are fraught with short-term placement area like    shopping centers, banks and post offices. 

2. Parking Meter
  • The management approach using parking meters are usually used in urban areas with high traffic volume.
  • An area within the city zoned as a zone meter allows placement of the vehicle only in metered spaces.
  • In terms of traffic management, this method allows the use of parking more effectively in the day by increasing level of use of each parking lot
  • This system can accommodate more vehicles in a time where it can reduce the provision of new parking places. 

3. Parking Tape
  • When the driver enters the zone scheme in which the system is using tape card Parking 'during parking, the tape be displayed by the user in the vehicle windshield and marks on the tape will be placed within the vehicle.
  •  Tape were installed to show the proper time arrived and time leaving the parking space automatically.  
  •  This time can be seen by the officers or employees effective parking regulations.
  • Advantages of tape car park is no capital cost temporary installation.
  • Disadvantage, including requiring enforcement personnel are many, difficult for users, especially drivers who are on a tour to get the tape.


Off-Road Parking.

1. Space Control
  • This method is the control of the car park with the most firmly and can be implemented in areas of urban centers experiencing serious traffic congestion with the permission planning. 
  • This method involves the removal of existeing parking space and the creation of protected areas to the car (car restricted area).  
  • It is usually followed by the provision of central parking  in downtown. 
  • If necessary, the parking space is allowed in that area but the total and the use of a limited.

2. Payment Control
  • Tariffs for car parking could be modified to control the level of use the car park.  
  • Tariffs can be differentiated to give an advantage to short-term Parkers and give 'fine' long-stay commuters.  
  • Payments should not be too high as it will reduce the demand up to the detrimental stage.
  • This method can be implemented easily on places of public-owned car park.
  • Effectiveness of the costs not only depend on the rate but also its structure.

3. Time Control
  • Time control can be implemented by closing the parking cars at peak hours, between 7.30 am to 9.00 am and between 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm for the block use of parking spaces is limited by the long-stay Commuters.
  • Give more space to short-term Parkers and increase the parking turnover  
  • Usedon roads with high traffic volume at the peak time and traffic congestion problems.
  • Can also be applied in the form of limiting use of parking for short term only, for example not more than two hours.
  • More easily implemented by local authorities on publid owner parking space.


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